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"This (the Universal Address System) is an elegant solution that seems to supply something that is becoming necessary as the world becomes more globalized," - Matt Ball, editor of GeoWorld magazine (Breaking News on the Globe and Mail)

"The Holy Grail in terms of addresses is a simple system that will work in all countries," said Tim Evangelatos, Strategic Technologies and Policy Advisor for GeoConnections at Natural Resources Canada (Breaking News on the Globe and Mail).

"Global referencing has long been an issue in the research community. I am very pleased to learn NAC's universal address system. It certainly has its novelty," said Dr. Vincent Tao, Director of Geospatial Information and Technology Lab (GeoICT) of York University.

"With backing from Microsoft Corp., a Toronto company's dream of a universal addressing system is taking a step closer to reality," said Jack Kapica, Columnist of the Globe and Mail, Breaking News on the Globe and Mail.

"This (MLBS.NET) is an excellent site which will surely become one of the most popular wireless sites," said Andrew Chang, Wireless Applications Analyst of Cellmania.com - the world largest wireless web search engine, who has evaluated and listed MLBS.NET as a five star wireless website , "(People will) Never get lost again with this revolutionary site!"

"MLBS.NET adds another dimension to the already popular MapPoint.Net web service. The combination of some very innovative technology developed by Dr. Shen and the comprehensive database and routing functionality provided by Microsoft will serve to further simplify the consumers' search for Amusement Places, Car Rentals, Cinemas, Gas Stations, Hotels, Restaurants, and Theaters. Are the people at MapQuest shaking in their boots? Maybe not, but maybe they should be!" said Glenn Letham, Editor of the Wireless Developer Network.

Mobile Location Based Services Network (MLBS.NET) is the most efficient and comprehensive wireless location based servies in the world powered by NAC technology and Microsoft MapPoint Web Service, providing driving directions, location based business search and maps for more than 30 countries in Europe, North America and the entire world. MLBS.NET supports all wired and wireless devices from desktop computers to PDA, Pocket PC, cellphones, and other devices in eight languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch and Swedish.


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